DISC Personality Profiling

Looking to foster better connections and understanding among your team or in your personal relationships? We all crave that sense of being understood and valued. But sometimes, bridging the gap between different personalities can feel like a challenge.

Rather than seeing others as “difficult,” it’s crucial to recognise and celebrate our diversity. Each of us brings unique strengths and communication styles to the table, shaped by our personalities and experiences. Whether you’re a leader, team member, or in any other role, understanding these differences can enhance collaboration and reduce friction.

Ever felt like you just couldn’t click with someone? Or struggled to adapt to a particular environment? That’s where tools like DISC Personality Profiling come in. Based on observable behaviors, DISC offers insights into individual preferences and tendencies. It’s not about labeling people, but rather understanding what motivates them, how they approach tasks, and how they prefer to communicate.

By identifying your own communication style and those of others, you can tailor your interactions to build stronger connections and minimise misunderstandings.  

What is involved?

  • You will be sent an online multiple-choice questionnaire containing between 80 to 100 different questions. It normally takes about 25 minutes to complete this questionnaire.
  • Your answers are processed, and a detailed 15-page online report will be produced and shared with you (for you to keep).
  • Your coach will then discuss the report with you during a session to explain in detail what it suggests about your preferences.